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Corporate events

Corporate events

Let’s co-operate with each other and bring the best outcome at your next event.

Corporate in itself means working together and giving the best outcome in a specific period of time. Therefore, Origami Events is your best option to organize any kind of corporate events. Any event organized by your company has several goals like building reputation and brand, establishing a relationship with your employees or stake holders or even the customers you are targeting, to raise funds, to launch a product and many more. We at Origami Events understand your reasons and give our best to make your event a total success.

Services Provided By Us

  • Decorations
  • F&B
  • Music
  • Gifts for employees
  • Accommodations
  • Photography
  • Activities
  • Entertainers (Anchors, Musicians, Game Host, Tattoo artists and many more….)
  • Customized invites
  • DJ Live Bands/ Projector

Different Types

  • There are various different types and occasions for events and origami event is here to help you with everything. We have been working and organizing corporate events for many years from decorating your offices on festivals to planning team building events. Some of the types are:
    1. Trade shows
    2. Charity events
    3. Appreciation/Awards event
    4. Company milestone( anniversary)
    5. Launching party
    6. Stakeholder meetings
    7. Conferences/seminars.

You can book a meeting with us for any kind of events and we promise you that it will not be a waste of time as we believe in giving the most innovative ideas under your budget.