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Kitty party

Kitty party

We give your party a unique theme to make your party stand out amongst others.

Kitty party is all about letting go of your daily life routine and taking a few hours from your busy schedule to enjoy with your closest of friends. “Why should men have all the fun?” and what’s grander for having fun than an amazing themed kitty party?
We have said earlier, why be a busy-bee when you can be a queen-bee? It’s your turn to host the party and you want to do something different this time and take your kitty parties to some other level? Give Origami event a chance to bring a unique theme to your party and make it stand out amongst others.

Services Provided By Us

  • Themed decorations
  • Venue
  • F&B
  • Photography
  • Music
  • DJ/live bands/projector
  • Customized invites
  • Return gifts
  • Activities indoor/outdoor games
  • Entertainers (Anchors, Musicians, Game Host, Tattoo artists and many more….)
  • Bakery

Different Theme

  • Innovative themes can add spice and spunk to an otherwise boring party. If you want to do something out of the box, this is the right place for you!
    1) Mughal theme - We can create a rich nawabi décor using high quality satin cloths with sofas and chairs covered with cushions and wrapped with drapes and dim lights. The red lavishing carpet can add to the majesty and royal feel of the whole atmosphere.
    ** Dress code, all the ladies can wear their gangharas, anarkalis etc...
    **Customized invites can be hand painted
    **We can serve royal foods like biryani, kebabs, sherbets etc…
    2) MasterChef theme - All the ladies in the house are amazing cooks so why not appreciate and share the talent amongst each other through a themed party with loads of fun? Or we can turn your venue into a five-star hotel and have a fun cook-off challenge among your members?
    ** Chef coats/aprons and hat can add flavor to the party.
    ** You’ll obviously have some amazing food in the end.
    3) Poker theme - You and your gang loves to play poker and cards? Then this is the theme for you. We can decorate your venue with black, red and white colors too. Cover your chairs with complementing colors.
    ** Wrap your return gifts with black and red paper.
    ** We can also arrange the food with poker theme colors toppings.
    **We can ask the guests to dress accordingly to the color of the party.
    4) Bollywood theme - Why not celebrate your all time favorite movies with your as party members? We can decorate the venue with several photos and also arrange movie games night/day.
    ** Dress up by taking inspiration from your favorite bollywood character.
    ** Gifts can be movie vouchers or something of that kind.
    5) Flower theme - This theme can never go wrong. All those beautiful ladies around all those beautiful flowers. Let’s decorate the venue with all kinds of flowers and those amazing scents where even before entering the party you could feel magnificent.
    ** Think about all those beautiful pictures you can take.
    ** Use flowers as accessories while dressing up
    ** We can also infuse flowers with food
    6) Retro theme
    7) Savan theme
    8) Hawaiian theme
    9) Festival themed