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Valentine's Day: Commercial Celebration of Romance?

Time for some unpopular opinion. I take no shame in criticizing the commercialization of the week known as valentine's week. When this trend of celebrating valentine first came into existence, it was an innocent celebration of love among couples for showing their love for each other by exchanging gifts. However, this day turned into a week where people started celebrating commercialization of romance.

My personal view towards valentine has always been to ask myself, Why celebrate love only a particular day or a week? Then I sat to write this blog on valentine and as an event planner I was expected to write something really cheesy and dipped in chocolate. The only dilemma I had was how my personal belief towards valentine and the expectation of an event planner can go hand in hand? I read a lot of articles about valentine and came across so many ideas for the blogs. To be honest these articles about ideas made me realize how commercialized this day has become and how everything leads to the generate profit for corporations like Archies and event managers alike. I then asked a few colleagues in my own event company (which is supposed to be one of the most profit-making industries during valentine) about their view towards this celebration of love. To my surprise, many were of the same viewpoint as mine and only a few were genuinely excited. In fact, one of my very dear friends said: Wasn't valentine day supposed to be the celebration of the very old saint of this world and not bestowing your partner with presents?

Now talking about the dilemma I was in, I realized that my belief in the idea of love without the need for accessorizing was ironclad. So, I decided to write how this birth anniversary of a simple saint of love has been bartered into this week of making profit for several industries. I also wanted to share my personal ideas about celebrating valentine without contributing to the commercialization of this day.

  • Plant a tree to express the love for your mother Earth.
  • Invite a long-lost friend to dinner at your place and express your love towards this beautiful feeling called friendship.
  • Donate books and novels to NGOs for embodying your love towards books.
  • Gift your mother a day off by doing all her chores.
  • Proclaim self-love and gift yourself something like I gifted myself this blog on this valentine.

There is nothing wrong in buying gifts and throwing surprise parties for your loved ones if that's what you really want to do. So think about what you actually want and just celebrate your love for anything that makes you happy!